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Size Matters: Which Storage Unit do You Need?

Whether you are packing up one room or an entire house, Fort Knox has the storage unit to accommodate you. From old electronics and archived business files to the family car or boat, our units are available in a range of sizes to keep your items safe and secure no matter their size.

Choosing Your Storage Size

Fort Knox offers small, medium and large storage units to suit all of your storage needs. We make it easy and convenient to pack away items of all sizes, leaving you with more space to enjoy.

Our Small Units

If you’re looking to pack away some unused sporting equipment or clear out those boxes of old files, our small units should be your first choice. Available in 1.5m2 and 3m x 1.5m, our small units are perfect for tidying the clutter in your home or office. Our 1.5m2 units are designed to hold the contents of one room and up to 75 archive boxes. Meanwhile, our 3m x 1.5m units can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment and up to 150 archive boxes.

Our Medium Units

Have some old furniture you’d like to get out of the house? Our medium storage units can help take it off your hands. These units are available in 3m x 2m and 3m2 options and are ideal for packing up an apartment or small house. Our 3m x 2m units can store the contents of a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment and up to 200 archive boxes. On the other hand, our 3m2 units can hold the contents of a standard 2-bedroom house or up to 400 archive boxes.

Our Large Units

Looking to store something that is on the larger side? Our large units make it easy to pack away your home or car. Our 4.5m x 3m units can hold the contents of a standard 3-bedroom house or a small car. Alternatively, our whopping 6m x 3m units are the same size as a standard single garage, and are able to store the contents of a standard 4-bedroom house or a large vehicle. This is also a great option if you’re thinking about storing away the family boat over winter!